Tournament Results!

The 2014 CIFEr hedge-fund tournament is now officially over! After some surprise movements in the leader-board during just these few days, the winner of the tournament is Shehroze Bhatti from University College London with a tracking error of 139110636! Coming close in second place is Bowei Chen, also from UCL with 139161995 points.

Overall rankings:

  1. Shehroze Bhatti (University College London): 139110636.616
  2. Bowei Chen (University College London): 139161995.864
  3. Yosra Kazemi (Amirkabir University of Technology): 139162716.117
    Ziwei Zhu (University College London): 139162716.117
    Andreas Georgiou (University College London): 139162716.117
    Teik Kheong An (Asia E-University): 139162716.117
    Lingyun Shen (University College London): 139162716.117
  4. Saad Umar (University College London): 139364874.316
  5. Xiaoxue Zhao (University College London): 139531998.845
  6. Robert Tan (University College London): 148699213.805
  7. Jiwei Li (University College London): 149302356.384
  8. Yuriy Filonov (NAIoU): 160758443.955
  9. Farzad Noorian (University of Sydney): 167064521.019
  10. Kam Wa Cheung (University College London): 169579736.014

Thanks for participating, and don’t forget to fill in the survey!


Final Three Days!

With only three days left for the tournament, there seems to have been some movement in the leaderboard! The current top two players are:

  1. Saad Umar, with 132171813 points.
  2. Bowei Chen, with 132372120 points.

For those who have not yet taken the CIFEr survey, we would like to kindly remind you to help us evaluate the competition by taking 5-10 minutes of your time to tell us about your experiences with the tournament.

Thank you for participating, and good luck with the final three days!

9 Days Remaining!

With less than one and a half weeks remaining, the two leaders from last update are still at the top:

  1. Yuriy Filonov at 112098147 points.
  2. Saad Umar at 113639588 points.

In the next few days, we will be sending out a short survey that will allow you to describe your overall experience with the CIFEr tournament. We are very interested in your thoughts about this competition.

Less than Two Weeks Remaining!

After the past three days, the top two leaders remain unchanged:

  1. Yuriy Filonov at 100408571 points.
  2. Saad Umar at 102130459 points.

However, it seems that Kam Wa Cheung, in third place at 102787667 points, may be able to overtake the reigning champs! Have a great weekend!

17 Days Left: Leaderboard Update

The top two participants are:

  1. Yuriy Filonov at 91431514 points.
  2. Saad Umar at 93360132 points.

A number of participants have emailed about questions regarding the rules. We hope to have a quick response for you soon. Please feel free to ask about any other questions you may have regarding the competition.

Edit: Thanks Yuriy for the correction.

21 Days Remaining!

With three weeks remaining in the competition, the top two competitors are:

  1. Yosra Kazemi, from the Amirkabir University of Technology with a cumulative tracking error of 69331654.
  2. Teik Kheong An, from Asia E-University with a cumulative tracking error of 72101250.

Over the past week, 20 visits have been made to the CIFEr tournament website. Since the beginning of the tournament, there have been 78 visits. Of all the visits, 35.71% of the visits have been new visits.